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Coiled Boa Constrictor with one eye open

Lunch with a Boa Constrictor in Singapore

Tom Atkins My Great Misadventure Tom’s Blog Musings from everyone’s favourite accident-prone author. Lunch with a Boa Constrictor in Singapore The nineteen eighties were a traumatic time for the British Newspaper Industry and the people working in it. Me, being one of them.  The ‘old school’ wealthy English proprietors, fed up with constantly battling with the strong printing trade unions, were only too eager to part with their newspaper titles. This led to a new breed of owners

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The Interview

My time in Africa had resulted in bills piling up with no means of paying them. Fortunately, an interview I attended before Africa led to an opportunity I recieved for a surprising reason…

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a lucky cat peering in surprise

Just Call Me Lucky

I have been an accident waiting to happen all my life! It started at the age of 2 when I gripped the heating coil of an old electric fire just after it had been switched on. What happened to my hand? Most of my inner hand and fingers on my left hand were slowly and painfully burnt off to the bone.

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The French Invent the Party

Did you know that on the 14th July 1790, France invented the party? Not that anyone realised that at the time. But every year, come the 14th July, not one person in the land ever forgets. You might know it as Bastille Day.

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